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Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance

Commercial truck drivers are the backbone of our economy, and we recognize the vital role you play. That’s why we’ve created a custom insurance policy designed specifically to meet the needs of your unique lifestyle.

Commercial Truck Memberships

The Road King membership keeps commercial trucks moving. From batteries and parts to jumpstarts and tows, we’ve got you covered. Get 80 km/50 miles and 2-hour port-to-port towing.

Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance |

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The Road King plan is designed for commercial truckers who need reliable assistance on the road. This plan offers free towing service up to 80 km/50 miles or 2 hours port-to-port, whichever is less. **

*A one-time non refundable $35 activation fee applied to any monthly plan
**Some conditions apply, see full membership description

Commercial Truck FAQ`S

These are the most frequently asked questions.

Three reasons. First, our prices are always competitive – we never cut corners and we don’t overcharge. Second, we’ve got years of experience in the industry. That gives you a huge range of tailor-made, personalized plans to choose from. 
Last but not least, ARA offers one of the biggest reward programs on the network. 

If you can think of it, we cover you for it. Think flat tires, dead batteries, fuel delivery, towing and more. Find full details inside your membership plan description. 

Take a look at our Family membership plan – it covers your loved ones and their cars. Two members are included in tha pan but you always can add more family members for additional charge.

Of course. Choose from monthly or yearly payment options. As you’d expect, we accept debit and credit cards from within the US and Canada.

ROAD KING Membership Coverage

Full coverage included:

Covers commercial vehicles up to 5 ton. Program includes a total of 5 roadside assistance calls in a calendar year of which two (2) are tows and three (3) are service calls.
Towing Assistance (up to 80 km’s or 50 miles per disablement)

  • Flat Tire Assistance (up to $150 per occurrence)
  • Tire Replacement Assistance (up to $100 per disablement)
  • Tire Repair Assistance (up to $100 per occurrence)
  • Mobile Mechanic Service (up to $100 for service call)
  • Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service (up to $100 for service call)
  • Jump-starts (up to $150 per occurrence)
  • Pull Start (up to $100 per occurrence)
  • Replacement Battery Delivery (up to $100 for service call)
  • Replacement Part Delivery (up to $100 per occurrence)

Some conditions apply.

Insurance Brokerages

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Auto Dealers

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ERS Providers

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Insurance Companies

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