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Auto Dealers

Partnering with Access Roadside Assistance means aligning your business with a trusted name in the industry. Potential customers will feel secure knowing they are in good hands when they choose us.

Generate an Income Stream

We’re truly proud of our long-lasting relationships with dealer network across the USA and Canada. Our team want businesses like yours to optimize their income. Here’s how we do it.

    • Exclusive Price Range

      Auto Dealers |Exclusive Price Range

      Who doesn’t love reliable, affordable roadside assistance? As soon as you become a partner, your dealership will get access to our exclusive range of prices.

      Together, we can stay ahead of the game.

    • Comprehensive Dashboard

      Auto Dealers |Comprehensive Dashboard

      Life is a lot easier when you partner with ARA. Our dashboard was designed with dealerships in mind. You can track customers, monitor card activation, and more. 

      That leaves you with much more time to focus on new sales.

    • On-Hand Assistance

      Auto Dealers |On-Hand Assistance

      Partners like you are at the very heart of our business. So, when you need to get in touch, you’ll always be first in line. After all, we want you to give the best possible service.

      Whatever’s going on, we’re just a phone call or message away.

    • Longstanding Experience

      Auto Dealers |Longstanding Experience

      We know what we’re doing here at ARA. Since 1997, we’ve successfully responded to hundred of thousands of roadside assistance calls. Your customers will always receive expert support from us.

      Your ARA partnership is a mark of experience and quality.

Let's Be a Partners

Whether you are a broker, dealer, or ERS provider, partnering with Access Roadside Assistance will bring you a range of unique advantages that you won’t find anywhere else. Fill in the form below and one of our team member will guide you through all the benefits and registration process.


These are the most frequently asked Auto Dealer questions.

You’re probably aware that over eight million Canadians and USA drivers purchase Auto Club membership each year. That’s a lot of opportunities. Our Approved Dealer Program help you grab more of them. You’ll earn revenue on every ARA membership you sell. Plus, we’ll pay you the same markup every time your clients renew.

We’ll even save you time by soliciting your renewals. That’ll give you residual income over the next few years.  

No minimum ordered is required. We want to make it as easy as possible for you, so we’ll only invoice you once every 30 days on the memberships you have sold or given as complimentary add-ons. (Some conditions apply). That way, you profit from every membership before you pay for it. You’ll also get one free membership with every 10 you sell. 

Easy. Just sign up to the Approved Dealer Program at our dealer services website –

Once you’ve registered, we’ll provide you with comprehensive marketing literature, completely free of charge. Got some questions. Call our Online Marketing Team on 1.866.224.5989.

Your clients will get our membership cards to use when they are making sales. We’ve also developed an online platform to ensure easy purchase and tracking of ARA cards.

Insurance Brokerages

Accelerate your sales growth with our powerful platform. Effortlessly manage Access Roadside Assistance sales, commissions, and renewals, leaving you more time to win and retain clients.

Auto Dealers

We know your time is precious, and that’s why we built a platform tailored to your needs. Our longstanding relationships with North American auto dealers give us insight into your daily workflow. Effortlessly manage purchases, commissions, and card statuses in one convenient location.

ERS Providers

Partner with us and tap into a reliable source of roadside assistance calls. We’re committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with skilled providers like you. The sign-up process is simple – start receiving requests and expanding your business today.

Insurance Companies

Streamline your workflow with our intuitive insurance adjuster platform. Submit claims lightning-fast and manage everything from one central hub. Plus, your clients get the ultimate roadside experience thanks to our top-notch service experts.