• Access Roadside Assistance has been in the Emergency Roadside Services (ERS) business since 1997. We provide 24-hour ERS for Insurance Companies, National Car Rental Companies, Large Corporate fleets, and individuals with our Roadside Assistance Memberships. Our history is straightforward, the owners of Access were talked into providing 24-hour ERS support for an insurance company in 1997. Access quickly developed a strong Canada & US towing network through active recruitment of towing vendors. Over 24 years later, we have provided more than 250,000 assistance requests Coast-to-Coast throughout Canada and the US… we know what we’re doing.

  • Yes. As our membership number grows, so does our ability to negotiate perks on behalf of our members. We are constantly in discussions with companies and will announce new perks as they become available!

  • This can never be guaranteed. However, Access has no alliances with particular tow companies. Our call center staff will ask the provider their response time, if the staff member feels the time is too long, they will contact another assistance provider to try to locate one with a quicker response time. Some of our competitors only use one service provider, and in larger cities, this can cause longer wait times if that one provider is busy.

  • Yes. In rural areas, our network will work with many of the same assistance providers as our competitors. Our ability to service remote areas will be limited to the same degree as the other major roadside assistance providers.
    If you have a concern about your specific area, please contact us by email at support@accessroadsideassistance.com and we can verify coverage for you.

  • Yes. We use both local brokers and local towing vendors. We also pay assistance providers fair prices for services provided to our members.

  • Ease of Assistance – members call our toll-free number and
    professional assistance is on the way.
    Pre-Qualified Providers – Access pre-screens and qualifies
    its assistance providers to ensure quality assistance.
    No Regional Restrictions – travel anywhere from Coast to
    Coast in Canada or the USA.
    24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week – we have after hours
    contact information for assistance providers. Many of these
    numbers are typically not published in phone books.
    Multiple Providers – In areas where we have multiple
    assistance providers, if the quoted wait time is too long, we
    will contact another provider.
    Non-Reimbursement – there are no out-of-pocket expenses
    for membership coverages.

  • Members are provided with Wallet Cards, Window Decals &
    Bumper Stickers all which contain our toll-free 24 hour
    assistance number
    . Once the member contacts our call
    , we locate our service provider(s) in the area and contact them and find the one capable of providing the
    quickest response time. The member then speaks directly
    to the service provider to ensure there is no confusion of
    where the member is located and the type of service needed.
    The member does not pay out-of-pocket for assistance.

  • Coast to Coast in Canada
    and the USA.

  • Memberships are annual (yearly).

  • Credit Card Payment.
    Access collects and submits sales
    tax for the memberships.

  • Yes. There is a 7-day money back guarantee, but this would
    be subject to deductions for any claims and a possible
    administration fee of $35.

  • Yes. Our towing network comprised of thousands of
    assistance providers ensure that local businesses are
    when assistance is provided to our members.

  • Access issues all the membership documents and renewal

  • Access pays for the dispatch, hook-up and number of km/mile
    as described on the membership. Additional per km/mile
    charges will be paid out-of-pocket by the member.

  • The member can claim the following service immediately after
    Battery BoostDoor Unlock
    All towing-related assistance has a 72hr waiting period.

  • Any vehicle that the member is driving, that is an acceptable
    class to the membership, is covered while being operated by
    the member.

  • If the member lends out the vehicle registered with the
    membership to a friend or family member. The friend or family
    member can make an assistance request on the vehicle if the
    member is not present. 

    *Does not apply to Basic memberships

  • If you have a general question (not a request for Roadside Assistance),
    please contact:
    Customer Service Department

    Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST