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The Benefit of Wearing Driving Gloves

by Jason Spratt

Driving Gloves: More Than Just a Fashion Statement

If you think driving gloves are only for people who own expensive cars or like to drive fast, think again. Driving gloves are not about showing off or being reckless. They are about being smart and comfortable. In this article, I will show you how driving gloves can improve your driving experience and protect your car’s interior. Here are the topics I will cover:

Driving Gloves Protect Your Car’s Interior

One of the reasons to wear driving gloves is that they help your steering wheel last longer. Your steering wheel is one of the most used parts of your car, along with your seats. When you drive without gloves, you transfer oils, sweat, and dirt from your hands to the leather or Alcantara suede of the wheel, which can damage it over time. By keeping your car’s steering wheel in good condition, you maintain its appearance and value.

Driving Gloves Give You More Control

Modern steering wheels are designed to offer a good grip with or without gloves (especially Alcantara suede), but driving gloves still make a difference. Imagine driving for hours on a hot summer day, and suddenly you need to make a sharp turn. Chances are your hands are sweaty and slippery, which can affect your handling. By wearing gloves, you ensure that you always have a firm grip, no matter the weather. I recommend Peccary leather gloves for the best grip. Fun fact: Bionic’s black leather gloves were designed by an orthopedic hand specialist to fit the natural anatomy of the hand.

Driving Gloves Keep Your Hands Warm and Dry

Another benefit of wearing driving gloves is that they keep your hands warm and dry in cold or wet conditions. Driving with cold or wet hands can be uncomfortable and distracting, which can reduce your focus and reaction time. By wearing gloves, you keep your hands at a comfortable temperature and prevent them from getting wet from rain or snow. I recommend Cashmere-lined leather gloves for the best warmth and comfort.

Why You Need Driving Gloves Right Now

You’ve probably experienced the agony of grabbing a searing-hot or ice-cold steering wheel. It’s not fun, and it can ruin your driving mood. That’s why you need a pair of driving gloves. They’re not just for show; they have some real benefits that will make your drive more enjoyable and comfortable.

Say Goodbye to Hand Fatigue

If you drive a lot, you know how tiring it can be for your hands. The constant vibration, the hard steering wheel, the tight grip – all these factors can cause hand fatigue, soreness, and even blisters. Driving gloves can solve these problems. They have a soft leather surface that absorbs vibration, cushions the wheel, and reduces friction. They also have ventilation holes or mesh panels to keep your hands cool and dry.

Look Like a Pro Behind the Wheel

Let’s face it: driving gloves look cool. They add some style and personality to your outfit, and they can complement your car’s design. Whether you want to match your gloves with your interior, your exterior, or a specific detail like the brake calipers, you can find a pair that suits your taste. Driving gloves can also make you feel more confident and in control of your vehicle. Just think of the movie stars who wear them, like Ryan Gosling in Drive or Jason Statham in Transporter. They don’t wear them to be snobby; they wear them to be badass!

The Bottom Line

Driving gloves are not just a fashion accessory; they are a practical and useful item that every driver should have. Here are the main reasons why you need driving gloves right now:

  • They Protect Your Car’s Interior: Driving gloves prevent your hands from leaving sweat, dirt, or oil on the steering wheel, which can damage the leather or plastic over time.
  • They Allow for More Control: Driving gloves improve your grip on the wheel, which gives you more precision and responsiveness when steering, braking, or accelerating.
  • They Provide Comfort in Extreme Weather: Driving gloves keep your hands warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which makes your drive more pleasant and less stressful.
  • They Help Eliminate Hand Fatigue: Driving gloves reduce vibration, cushion the wheel, and prevent friction, which lowers hand fatigue and improves your endurance.
  • They Make You Look the Part: Driving gloves enhance your appearance, express your personality, and boost your confidence behind the wheel.

If you are interested in getting some driving gloves, here are some of the best options on the market:

  • Autodromo Stringback Leather: These gloves have a classic and elegant design, with a stringback knitted cotton back and a leather palm. They are comfortable, breathable, and durable.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Quilted Leather: These gloves have a modern and sophisticated design, with a quilted leather back and a smooth leather palm. They are stylish, cozy, and luxurious.
  • Riparo Motorsports Leather: These gloves have a sporty and functional design, with a perforated leather back and a leather palm with finger cutouts. They are flexible, lightweight, and grippy.
  • Forzieri Women’s Red Perforated Italian Leather: These gloves have a chic and feminine design, with a red perforated leather back and a black leather palm. They are fashionable, vibrant, and elegant.
  • Stompers Gloves Streamline Women’s Deerskin: These gloves have a sleek and simple design, with a deerskin leather back and palm. They are soft, smooth, and comfortable.

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