Will Roadside Assistance save me money?

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In March 30, 2021
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It is always tough to spend money on a service that you hope you will not use, we get that!

Let’s compare a roadside membership to a dental plan – NO one wants to get a cavity, they are painful, can cause more damage to other teeth, and can be expensive to repair. Without a dental plan, you may wait to fix that tooth, or you may not have the savings at the time, and if you do it will be an out-of-pocket and unexpected cost. Having a dental plan covers this – just like a roadside assistance membership covers your car.

Now, with roadside assistance – you have coverage no matter where you are! You will not need to go to your shop, make appointments, or take time out of your day to take care of your roadside incident; the only thing you need to do is call us! One click, or one call, and you have Access on your side.

If you look at the small investment, and compare it against possible lost wages, the cost of repairs, and the stress, or fear that it causes you, we think that you will agree – much like a dental plan, a roadside membership is a smart, money saving service.

We handle all the details and get you on your way, back to your day, work, vacation, whatever it is that you need to do – and we know that time is money!


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