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In April 14, 2021
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With spring comes warmer weather, longer days, and out come the motorcyclists ready to hit the pavement on two-wheels. The sound of a bike whizzing by is a reminder that spring is definitely here, and I love that sound – but, I don’t love the sound of an ambulance on its way to an accident with a bike, or that call from a good friend that a loved one was involved in an MVA.

It is the responsibility of ALL drivers to keep motorcyclists safe, even though they account for under 5% of all vehicles on the road they hold the same rights on the road as any other motorist. Sadly, the same amount of attention regarding motorcycle safety is not take with drivers of other types of vehicles. It may seem an irrelevant thing to do, but with motorcyclists being at a higher risk of injury and fatality it is a very important matter and should on the top of all our minds whilst driving.

Let’s take good look at our driving habits while in our cars, or trucks and lower the fatality rate of motorcyclists! Here are some safety precautions that drivers can take to avoid being involved in an accident of any kind with a motorcycle:

  1. Give full lane space to motorcycles, same as a full-size car.
  2. Check blind spots, look twice and signal when making turns, merging with traffic, and changing lanes.
  3. When behind a motorcycle, always keep ample space to allow for sudden breaking.
  4. For the safety of everyone on the road, avoid distracted, drunk, and drowsy driving.

As for those that ride on two-wheels – please take precautions! Here are some tips to keep you safe on the road:

  1. Choose a bike that fits you; “supersport bikes” have driver death rates about four times that of
  2. Invest in antilock brakes
  3. New riders should take a motorcycle safety course, and experienced riders should take refresher courses
  4. Know the rules of the road
  5. Be aware that riding with a passenger requires considerably more skill
  6. Never drink and ride
  7. Drive defensively, especially at intersections, where half of all collisions occur
  8. Watch for hazards like potholes, manhole covers, oil slicks, puddles, debris, railroad tracks and gravel
  9. Assume you are invisible to other motorists and position yourself to be seen
  10. Use headlights day and night
  11. Be courteous; don’t weave in and out of lanes, or ride on the shoulder or between lanes
  12. Wear bright and/or reflective clothing that is durable and boots that cover the ankles
  13. Wear goggles, glasses or use a face shield that is ventilated to prevent fogging, and make sure it’s clear if riding at night

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