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In April 8, 2021
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If you haven’t already sorted out your summer trip planning this year here are some things you should know about the upcoming season.

With all the travel restrictions lately it isn’t an easy task, and, let’s be honest – it hasn’t felt much like a year to go anywhere! I think, we are all looking for something fun, local, and safe to do this year – and camping seems to be the answer.

For British Columbians, some things we should know:

  1. Being local has benefits – such as priority access! Here in B.C, you can book your campsites NOW while people outside of our province will have to wait until July. So, if you are daydreaming about that perfect camping spot, now is the time to book it!
  2. However, being local does not outweigh our third wave in this pandemic. It is unclear when health restrictions could be eased to allow travel between regions. For now, B.C. Parks are striking a balance between opening provincial campgrounds and telling people to “avoid long road trips and non-essential travel.
  3. Always have a second choice – or plan B. There is nothing worse than having only one ideal spot picked out, only to find out that it has been booked up – and the Government is expecting this camping season to be very busy!
  4. Think outside of your favourite spots – there are many new places to check out, expand your search area and you may just find a new camping spot to become a favourite!  Over the last three years, 1,205 new campsites have been added to the system. In early summer, a fully-serviced RV park will open in E.C. Manning Provincial Park near the twenty-minute Lake. The project will offer water, sewer, electrical sites, and a heated shower building; and this year, the government announced $5 million in projects in 24 provincial parks, including upgrades to popular trails, bear caches, water systems, and electric vehicle charging stations. B.C. Parks will also add five new backcountry campsite and improve hiking and mountain biking trails in Pinecone Burke Provincial Park near Coquitlam, a 38,000-hectare wilderness area that is largely inaccessible to the public.

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