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In February 3, 2020
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Sometimes it feels as though January is a ‘free trial month’. Maybe, like a lot of us, your new year’s resolutions kick into effect in February. Every now and then, its good to give ourselves a ‘me’ day to unwind and do something nice for self-appreciation.

Think about it for a moment… don’t cars also need to have a break from ‘the everyday’? Or should we say “brake”? The way that cars show us the signs of “let’s relax and take it easy” can be seen by flashing indicator lights, for instance. Like we would do for each other, let’s bring our cars in to an expert before we can sense the problem from our sight, hearing, and touch. Read on to see some ideas for your maintenance routine.

Automotive professionals are like your car’s doctor. Every now and then, the fluid should be changed, components need to be aligned, and parts to be replaced.

Much in the same that healthier foods make us feel better inside and out, good quality parts for our vehicles makes a positive impact. An efficient, reliable engine performs with better grade fluids and parts. Periodically, engine oil and coolant, transmission, brakes and power steering fluids will need to be replaced one-at-a-time. The best go-to on when to do this should be done is in your owner’s manual.

What we also know to be true, is that a ‘me’ day feels complete with a car wash. Go on and give your car a wash on the inside and outside – it’s a sigh of relief. As a matter of fact, the re-sale value of the car improves if you wash away dirt regularly to avoid paint dullness. We can protect ourselves during flu and cough and cold season by washing away all those germs in our cars’ interior.

Lastly, what can make all the difference is knowing an automotive professional you can trust.

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