Back to School Driving Tips

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In September 5, 2018
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It’s that time of year of again – back to school – which means that the streets will be full of parents doing drop-offs, buses doing pick-ups, and kids walking to and from school.  It also means that paying attention behind the wheel is very important, to keep yourself, your kids, and those around you safe, before, during, and after the school bell rings. Here are few reminders for staying safe on the roads this school season:

Pay attention to your speed

Be mindful of school zone speed limits, and adhere to them. These limits exist for one reason – to make sure children and other pedestrians get to their classrooms safely. Remember that in the first few weeks of school, there will likely be law enforcement monitoring these limits, and nothing starts a morning off worse than a very preventable, and careless, speeding ticket. Leave plenty of time to arrive at your destination, so you’re not in a rush, and tempted to speed.

Respect crossing guards

If you see someone in a brightly colored vest holding a stop sign cross the road, always come to a complete stop. This is because where there is a crossing guard there are children close behind, waiting to safely cross the road. After the children have crossed the road, wait until the crossing guard returns to the sidewalk and lowers his or her stop sign, before you proceed on your way.

Give way to school buses

Whether you’re following a school bus or passing one, keep a safe distance behind it, as it will likely stop frequently. Regardless of where you are on the road, stop as soon as the red lights start flashing and the stop sign appears, and don’t hit the gas again until the stop sign goes back to its original position. Don’t forget to watch for stragglers as you resume driving.

Stay observant

Look for children crossing the road without warning, parents pulling out of parking spots without checking, children getting out of cars, or children riding bikes in traffic. You never know when you’ll have to stop suddenly so make sure you keep your eyes peeled at all times. Distracted driving has no place in a school zone so leave your cell phone and GPS devices alone, and don’t engage in self-grooming, or eating while behind the wheel. Instead, keep your hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road, at all times.

Stay in your lane

If you’re thinking about changing lanes, passing the vehicle in front of you, or doing a u-turn or three point turn, outside your child’s school, think twice. Not only are these maneuvers very dangerous, they are also often strictly prohibited in school zones, leading to hefty fines.

Here’s wishing you a safe, and stress free, return to the school year!


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