Access Roadside Assistance is a family-run business started by founder Dan Sloan. The parent company, Access Logistics, is a growing company that has been in business for more than 20 years and is known mostly for its towing and vehicle auction divisions.

Access Roadside Assistance provides total road care assistance all across North America, including Alaska and Hawaii.

The Access Roadside Assistance division was added fifteen years ago and today our staff has more than 80 combined years of experience in all facets of roadside assistance. In addition, Access through its affiliates and partners has built relationships with thousands of roadside assistance contractors across Canada and the USA.



Dan learned through his 25 years as an entrepreneur in the private business sector that the so-called “new” approach of providing close personal service in a larger box store doesn’t always work for customers – a bigger box is not necessarily better – it’s just a larger square. That approach in dealing with customers no longer provides the devotion or quality of service and one-on-one experience provided by a family-run business. Once you are treated like a person, you really don’t want to be treated like a number. That alone gave Dan the inspiration to develop a revolutionary system that would address the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

Mission Statement

The mission of Access Roadside Assistance is to exceed the expectations of its membership by providing superior roadside products and services. Access’ management and its professionals strongly believe that our customers always come first and we will continually go the extra distance to meet our customer’s ever changing needs. Management believes that the success of the company lies in the consistency of the services provided and our objective of making Access Roadside Assistance beyond question your number one provider of roadside advantage.

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