10 Road Trip Car Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy

10 Road Trip Car Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy

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In July 30, 2019
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If you’re a parent on a road trip with kids, chances are pretty high you’ve heard “Are we there yet?” at least once, if not multiple times. It’s the road trip equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. But good news! We’ve compiled this handy list of road trip car games to help keep your little ones distracted, and hopefully question free, while on the road.

  1. The License Plate Game

    A few pads of paper, pens, the open road, and some great observation skills, are all you need to play this game. Contestants search for license plates from different countries, provinces, or states, write them down, and then whoever has the most wins.
  2. I Spy

    A great way to get your young passengers interested in the scenery along your route, this classic children’s game involves one player stating that “they spy with their little eye something that is blue” which the other players then try to guess based on the clue – i.e. the sky, that lake, a blue house or door.
  3. Punch Buggy

    Players give a little tap on the arm of their fellow passenger(s) whenever they spot the elusive VW Beetles, identifying the vehicle with a loud “Punch buggy” and then the color of the car – i.e. Punch Buggy Red. Since VW Beetles aren’t as common on the roads anymore, you may need to add in some substitutes, but the game can still work the same – maybe Punch Buggy SUV?
  4. 20 Questions

    In this classic car game, players pick a person and their fellow passengers have to guess who it is using only 20 questions. For younger players, using familiar faces might work best – mom, dad, grandma, grandpa. For older players wanting a bit of a challenge, try out actors, sports players, politicians, etc.
  5. Hold Your Breathe

    If you know your route has tunnels, and that by the time you reach them you may need a break from the chit chat, giggles, or bickering, this one is a great game to have in the bag. Players have to try to hold their breath from the time the vehicle enters the tunnel until it leaves.
  6. Guess The Time

    This game is great when you’re headed to a faraway destination. Challenge players to guess how long it will take to reach your destination or even the next road stop for a bathroom break. No cheating by checking the GPS!
  7. Memory Game

    Also called The Picnic Game and the Casserole Game, this game starts with one passenger stating “I’m going out on a picnic and I’m bringing…” followed by whatever items comes to mind. Subsequent players have to remember that item, all the items that follow, and add their own item as well.
  8. Quiet Game

    Similar to Hold Your Breath, this game is perfect for a few minutes of much needed quiet time. The point of the game is simple – challenge the kids to see who can stay quiet the longest. Even five minutes is better than nothing!
  9. Would You Rather?

    Players take turns asking each other questions that force them to choose between a rock and a hard place. For example, would you rather put your hand in a bowl of spiders or lie in a bathtub filled with snakes?
  10. Hot Seat

    Each passenger takes turns being in the “hot seat”. When in this seat, fellow passengers then ask this person five questions which they must answer. They can “veto” one of the questions which can come in handy, especially if the question might cause an uncomfortable atmosphere, and passengers, for the rest of the trip.

We can’t promise an “Are we there yet?” won’t slip out here and there while you’re playing but at least you might get a reprieve for a few more hours. If all else fails, you’ll at least have some great family laughs along the way.

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