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Ways to Organize Your Vehicle

By Alison Wheatley
In November 23, 2015
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When you use your vehicle on a daily basis, it soon becomes your second home. Whether your primary use is to commute to work, transport your family around, or to facilitate your job, it can be difficult to keep a vehicle clean. Especially if you’ve got kids, your vehicle can soon turn into a bottomless pit and any order simply goes out the window. Organizing your vehicle isn’t the easiest task in the world, but once it’s tidied and everything has a ‘home’, you’ll find it much easier to keep it orderly and pristine. Here are a few handy ways to organize your car/truck to minimize the chaos and make your life that bit easier.


The first step to organizing your vehicle is to de-clutter! Remove any trash, water bottles, bits of paper and general mess, and clean it thoroughly so you can start with a fresh slate. You’ll be more likely to keep it organized if it’s nice and clean to begin with.

Invest In Organizers

There are a number of clever vehicle organizers out there that help to keep your important bits together. Backseat organizers are great if you have kids, as they can fit their toys, pens, snacks and everything else into the organizer so it’s not all lying on the car floor. Even if you don’t have kids, these types of organizers are brilliant for holding maps, tissues etc., so that they’re not cluttering up the back seat. Glove box organizers are great for arranging your CDs, cables and vehicle documents, and visor organizers are perfect for storing pens, paper, tickets and sunglasses.

Organize Your Trunk

We all have a tendency to throw things into our trunk and then wonder why it’s a crazy mess. There’s a fine line between preparing for all scenarios, and simply having too much junk in your trunk. Keep the essentials of course, such as a first aid kit, spare tire, jack kit, blankets, bottled water and reusable shopping bags, but there are certain items that you probably don’t need to carry around. Trunk organizers are a great way to keep your vehicle neat and tidy and come in the form of mesh netting or actual boxes. These are also great for putting your groceries into, so your shopping doesn’t spill over when you’re driving.

Keep A Trash Box

If you want to eliminate the amount of trash in your vehicle, create a place to put it so that it’s not floating around. Keep a trash box to store your used tissues, candy wrappers, water bottles, gum and everything else. It’ll make the whole process of cleaning your vehicle much quicker and easier, as you can simply remove the bag/box and rid of your trash.

Now that your vehicle is lovely and organized, make sure you keep it that way! You don’t want your hard efforts to be wasted after all.

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