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How Trick or Treaters Can Stay Safe In Traffic

By Alison Wheatley
In October 29, 2015
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Halloween is such a fun time of year. Kids get to dress up with scary costumes, collect bucket loads of candy and get excited with their friends. But there’s also a serious side to Halloween that kids need to be aware of – road safety. Now the nights are much longer, it’s likely that children will be out in the dark so it’s particularly important to be extra vigilant and prepare your kids for their Halloween outing. Here are a few ways that trick or treaters can stay safe in traffic on one of the most anticipated nights of the year.

Wear Reflective Tape

Reflective tape is a great accessory that your kids can wear so that they’re visible to drivers on the roads. Since reflective tape is quite discreet, it won’t completely ruin your child’s Halloween outfit, but it will make sure that cars know they’re there when crossing roads and walking on the sidewalk. Add bits of tape to the back and sides of their costume, and stick a bit to their shoes or candy bag. The more your child can be seen in headlights, the better.

Give Kids Flashlights

If your kids are going to be walking down dimly lit streets or villages, it’s worth giving them a flashlight. This will not only prove useful for when they want to check out their candy stash, but it will also ensure that drivers see them coming. Do not give your child candles as a means of light, as this can pose a serious risk if their costume catches on fire.

Bright Costumes

Veer away from the all-black “Scary Movie” costumes and opt for something bright and colourful instead. Avoid loose fitting costumes to reduce the risk of your child tripping or falling into the road, and get creative with make-up instead of facemasks to ensure that your child’s vision isn’t impaired. If they do wear a mask, encourage them to put it on only when they reach the front door, rather than when they’re roaming the streets.

Practice Street Safety

If your child is going out trick or treating by themselves, make sure you remind them to practice street safety and awareness. Encourage them to stay in well-lit areas, to walk facing traffic and as far from oncoming traffic as possible if there isn’t a sidewalk.

Drivers are also urged to be extra vigilant when driving on Halloween and to keep a look out for young trick or treaters who may be roaming the neighbourhood with their scary, crazy costumes.

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