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How to Make Your Truck Fall Ready

By Alison Wheatley
In October 3, 2015
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Now we’re into Fall, it’s time to seriously think about how your truck is going to stand the chill in the run up to winter. While you might think that you don’t need to prep your truck until early November, your vehicle can suffer quite badly in the transition from Summer to Fall.

Fall brings a new set of challenges for your truck, and the last thing you want is to ignore them and wait for that molehill to become a mountain. So, how can you avoid any unwanted surprises on crispy, Fall days? The key is to stay on top of your maintenance and keep your vehicle healthy and happy. Here are a few tips to keep your truck safe this Fall in preparation for the big freeze.


Ensure that your tires are prepared for the winter months and ready to take on bad weather conditions such as rain, snow and ice. Check your tire depth and make sure that it is within the legal recommendation.

Fall Leaves

While burnt orange and fiery red leaves may look pretty, when they’re wet, they can cause serious accidents. Be careful around wet leaves and make sure to clear your driveway so your truck doesn’t suddenly skid or swerve.


You will need a healthy battery to deal with the extra demands of wipers, lights and heaters. Here at Access Roadside Assistance, we get more calls in the Fall from people whose batteries have died and their truck has broken down. Get your battery checked by a mechanic who can tell you how healthy it is.


As the nights draw in, you need to check that your front and rear lights are working properly to ensure that you’re visible to all pedestrians and drivers. Don’t forget to check your fog lights too, as you may need these once the morning fog rolls in.


When it rains, it often pours. The last thing you want is to be stuck with wipers that don’t work properly. Make sure you check your wipers on a regular basis so that you can fight bad weather conditions and deal with torrential downpour, leaves and debris that may fly at your window.

Take that extra time to look after your vehicle and keep your vehicle safe this Fall. Remember to allow plenty of time for your journeys, to beware of high winds, and to watch out for deep puddles. Drive safely, and call us at Access Roadside Assistance if you need help


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