• Five Tips for Conserving Gas (and your bank account!)

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    In June 2, 2019
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    There’s no escaping rising gasoline prices, especially if you’re one of our Canadian customers. From coast to coast, gas prices are quickly setting records, and definitely not in a...
  • 7 Early Signs of Car Trouble

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    In April 30, 2019
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    WWhen your car starts making funny noises, emitting a strange smell, starts running louder than normal, or something just seems off, sometimes we tend to ignore it or brush...
  • Risks of Driving on a Flat Tire

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    In February 25, 2019
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    You’ve finally gotten yourself out the front door only to find out you have a flat tire. Or, maybe you’ve just heard that telltale flapping sound that can only...
  • New Year’s Driving Resolutions

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    In January 22, 2019
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    When it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions, more often than not it has to do with eating better, going to the gym, finding a new job and so...
  • Winter Tires versus All-Season Tires

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    In November 15, 2018
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    You’ve likely heard someone say “Oh, I don’t need snow tires. I have all season tires. I’m all set”. Well, depending on what types of roads they are driving,...
  • Road Trip Emergency Kit Checklist

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    In October 29, 2018
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    We’ve covered how to properly prep your vehicle for a road trip but what about how to properly prepare for an emergency while on the road. Here’s a helpful...

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